«West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company» JSC - Implemented project

PPN-10 is a complex technological equipment designed for oil heating. The furnace was manufactured at ZKMK JSC by order of KazTransOil JSC.

The furnace has a block design, which allows it to be transported anywhere in the world and facilitates the installation and start-up process.


Useful thermal power 8 Gcal/h
Heated product consumption at ∆t=40˚C600 m³/h
Product pressure at the furnace inlet, no more than63 Kgf/cm2
Number of burners4 pcs.
Gas consumption at a capacity of 8 Gcal/h1000 m³/h
Availability of recovery systemyes
Oven efficiency85%
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)16.4 х 7.5 х 22 m.
Furnace weight133 800 kg.

The unique solutions of the company's designers made it possible to make the furnace more productive. The recuperation system, jet-niche combustion burners led to an increase in efficiency up to 85%, which made it possible to reduce gas consumption.

The PPN-10 furnace is equipped with automatic control and regulation systems, and is also integrated with the facility's scada system. The readings of the sensors are transmitted to the central computer, through which the operator controls the furnace. The automatic start of the oven simplifies station maintenance.

The furnace went through a full process of testing in various weather conditions, the necessary design improvements and changes to the software were introduced.

Fire safety is ensured by a nitrogen plant and operates automatically. This equipment is highly effective for preventing and eliminating explosions and fires at oil and gas facilities.

Industrial safety complies with world standards. Maintenance platforms are marked in yellow and with guardrails.