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Capacities of type the capacity of the underground, without heater capacity of the underground with heater

This type of equipment is designed for draining residues of light and dark oil products, oil, oils, condensate (including a mixture with pipeline water), as well as for wastewater.

Horizontal steel ground tanks, horizontal steel underground tanks

Horizontal containers of the horizontal steel tanks type are intended for storage, as well as for receiving and dispensing light and dark oil products and process water. The design of the tank provides for both ground and underground installation. Vessels of the horizontal steel tanks type can have flat and conical bottoms. At the request of the customer, the equipment can be equipped with service platforms.

Wash tanks and horizontal tanks

A sump is a type of storage tank designed primarily for cleaning liquid media from suspended impurities. This type of equipment is widely used in the oil and gas industry, oil fields, etc.

There are two types of industrial settling tanks: oil settling tanks and water settling tanks.

Wash tanks are used for cleaning reservoir water from oil and oil products impurities. During production, a large amount of water is extracted from the reservoir along with the oil, which can also be used in the future. But it requires cleaning before use. For these purposes, and designed drives (sump).

Oil settling tanks designed for cleaning oil. This device performs two functions at once: water separation and cleaning from mechanical impurities.

Specifications of horizontal oil settling tanks

The designation of the sumpVolume, m3Inner diameter , D, mmMinimum wall thickness , mmThe thickness of the bottom , mmLength, mmOHeight, mmWidth, mmWeight, kg

Specifications of vertical water settling tanks

The designation of the sumpVolume, m3Diameter, mmLength, mmNominal pressure MPaMinimum wall Thickness, mmWeight, kg

Pressure vessel

The tank equipment is designed for receiving, storing and dispensing liquid and gaseous media at a nominal pressure of 0.6; 1 and 1.6 MPa, the temperature of the metal walls, depending on the temperature of the product and the surrounding air, from - 60°C to + 50°C.

Horizontal and vertical steel welded capacitive devices are used as reservoirs and receivers in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil and gas and other industries.

Volume, m3nominal pressure P, kp/cm2Internal diameter Dv, mmmaterial of construction
 25 1414812126
810 10108886
 16 1212610108
 25 1616614148
 16 1212610108
 25 1616614148
1610 10108886
 25 ---16166
2010 1010>8886
 16 1414812126
 25 ---16166
2510 1212810106
 25 ---181810
3210 1212810106
 16 1616814146
 25 ---181810
5010 12128>10106
 16 1616814146
 25 ---181810
808 12128101410
 16 181810161612
 25 ---222218
1008 12128101410
 10 14141412148
 16 181810161612
 25 ---222218