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Tubular air heater VPT-1200 and VPT -2000 are designed to heat the cyclic air after the compressor by the heat of combustion products after the power turbine of the gas pumping unit. They can be used both in the creation of new and in the modernization of existing gas compressor units to replace failed regular plate air heaters. VPT-1200 is used with the GT-750-6 unit, VPT-2000 is used with the GTK-10-4 unit.

Benefits of VPT:

  • Increased efficiency;
  • Reduced gas consumption;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • The modular design allows for faster delivery and installation;
  • Maintenance ability in the conditions of a compressor station.



Thermal  ratio %≥ 75≥ 73

Heater air plenum temperature, 0С

≥ 430≥ 390
Operational life, motor hour≥ 100 000≥ 100 000

Benefits of AFCS:

  • Air purification efficiency 99%;
  • Extension of the gas turbine drive service life;
  • System of anti-icing and noise suppression;
  • Automatic control combined with the GCS.
ParameterVOU-CA 40VOU-CA 50VOU-CA 60VOU- C90VOU-A 100VOU-CA 100
Nominal  air volume flow rate t=150С and pressure 760 mm mercury, kg/s37…4050…6050…5890100100
Class of filtrationF8F8F8F8F8F8
Dimensions  (length  х, width х height), m9,2х7,5х4,511,9х8,4х4,58,4х8,4х4,913,3х8х3,612х9х3,611,7х8,3х4,9
VOU operational life  202020202020


  • Nominal  multicyclone flow rate - 50 m3/h;
  • resistance in rated mode 50 mm w.c.

Multicyclone unit

Noise  suppression unit

VOU designs: 

  •  By cleaning method: 
    • C - cyclone (inertial treatment);
    • A – accumulative (filter cages);
    • CA – cyclone - accumulative (1 stage – cyclone, 2 stage - accumulative).

VOU assembling

General arrangement

The gas air cooling unit is designed to cool gaseous media as part of oil and gas industry facilities within:

  • Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)  - through 5,0 - 7,5 (through 50,0 - 75,0);
  • Working temperature, C(°С)   - through 323 - 348 (through 50,0 - 75,0).

The devices are manufactured in terms of design in two versions:

  • autonomous apparatus;
  • joining devices assembled into blocks of two or more devices.

GACU specifications:

Typeblock and unit  
Number of heat exchange modules6
Weight, kg: not more45000
Pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)7,5 (75)
Gas specific gravity, kg / nm30,675
Designed heat duty, MW6,584
Gas consumption, kg/h351 563
Work resource before overhaulAt  least 50,000 hours
Time  between failuresAt least 15 000 hours
The estimated service life of the apparatus     At  least 20 years

General arrangement

Oil air cooling unit is designed for cooling low-pressure oil at compressor stations of gas pipelines, as well as for condensation and cooling of vaporous, gaseous and liquid media used in technological processes of the oil and gas processing industry. Units are operated outdoor in a temperate climate with an average temperature of the coldest five days not lower than 400C.

OACU specifications:

Oil entry temperature, 0С65
Oil  exit temperature, 0С51
Estimated air temperature, 0С35
Section weight, kg3200
Working mediafire hazardous, non-corrosive
Work resource before overhaulAt  least 25 000 hours
Time  between failuresAt least 15 000 hours
The estimated service life of the apparatus     At  least 15 years