«West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company» JSC - Implemented project

Construction of the gas turbine power station of Uralsk

October 2008  - December 2010
Signing The act of commissioning the object.April 1, 2011
Registration of the object in the justice authorities of the Republic of KazakhstanApril 25, 2011
Familiarization visit Of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Gas turbine power station of UralskSeptember 14, 2011

Type-GTU of the cogeneration cycle, exhaust gases from the GTU are supplied to waste heat boilers to produce steam or hot water used for technological needs or for heating. This is the most common technological scheme, as well as the most economical. The fuel utilization rate in this scheme reaches 90%.

  • Installed electric power - 54 MWth;
  • Volume of electricity generated in 2023 more than 370 000 000 kW;
  • Volume of heat energy generated in 2023 more than 70 000 Gcal


The gas turbine power station of Uralsk is a modern, high-tech station, requiring virtually no human intervention.

The entire station is managed and maintained by 50 people.

Management and monitoring of the main components and units is automated and is carried out from the control room based on sensors and specialized programs from the leading Austrian company - Bernecker and Rainer.

The work of the gas turbine power station is operated by the Automatic control system and control of technological processes (APCS).

The gas turbine unit is controlled by an automatic control and control system (ACS). To control the installed equipment, there is a control and control system (SCU) based on modern microprocessor technology of the APCS. Installation of the automated control system was carried out by «Yuzhtransenergo» PJSC (Zaporozhye, Ukraine).

Automatic control system-a system that works in real time, allowing the operator-technologist to ensure effective management of the process of generating heat and electricity, facilitating the work of operational personnel.

In 2013, the gas turbine power station of Uralsk reached self-sufficiency due to the achievement of the design capacity (48 MW).CH.). The company is able to independently service a Bank loan subsidized under the "Business Road map -2020" program. Estimated net income is 15% in 2014 with an increase to 23% by 2018.

Profitability can be significantly increased by:

  • Sales of thermal energy.
  • Investment: not required, because the gas turbine power station of Uralsk is equipped with all the necessary equipment and infrastructure for generating and supplying heat to the city network.
  • Sales of electricity on the market without reference to the marginal tariff.
  • Investment: construction of a transmission line to the KEGOK network (25-30 km)
  • Approval of the tariff in excess of the maximum rate. Investments: systematic work with regulatory authorities for 2-3 years.
  • Reduction of expenses for own needs due to the use of thermal energy of outgoing gases from the turbines of the gas turbine power station of Uralsk.