«West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company» JSC - Implemented project

Oil pumping stations are auxiliary equipment included in the pipeline pumping system for oil products: gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, alcohols at oil refineries, chemical plants, GSM un/loading points, and in oil collection and treatment systems.

Designed for internal and external oil and oil products pumping:

  • when pumping into the preparation and processing oil products tanks  at refineries;
  • during the un/loading railway and automobile tanks;
  • when pumping water contaminated with oil products to sewage treatment plants;
  • when collecting, pumping oil from oil skimmers.

Station design depends on the location at the facility, in the insulated block box, or on a steel base frame installed in a major building.


Station  capacity  8…10 000 m³/h
Power  outputfrom 5…5000 kW
Discharge headfrom 10…800 m
Power supply voltage220/380;380/660;660/1140;6000;10000В, 50 и 60 Hz
Number of working and reserve pumping unitsfrom 1 and more pcs

The explosion safety of oil pumping stations is ensured by the requirements of GOST 31441.1-2011, GOST 31441.5-2011 and the use of certified explosion-proof equipment components with types of explosion protection “Flameproof enclosure” according to GOST IEC 60079-1-2011, intrinsically safe electrical circuit “I” according to GOST 30852.10-2002, GOST R IEC 60079-11-2010, structural safety "C" according to GOST 31441.5-2011.

Oil pumping stations are ready-to-operate equipment consisting of the following elements:

  • A modular-type block box made of MVU sandwich panels, is 20 or 40 foot railway container with insulation (50-200 mm insulation thickness depends on the   operation region).
  • Pumps for pumping oil (primary and backup units). The pumps are equipped with protection against “dry running”, loss of one of the phases, increase or decrease of supply voltage. Oil pumps are equipped with temperature sensors for bearings and motor windings, vibration sensors. At the request of Company, vibration monitoring of pumping units is possible, which is integrated into the pumping system local control network. 
  • The pipeline is equipped with shutoff valves - electrified valves to automate the operation of the station.
  • Process control system based on microprocessor controllers. Modular pumping stations for pumping oil products are easily integrated in the general process control system of the Company system, allowing   to organize both direct process control and remote control from the control room. 
  • Systems of primary and emergency lighting, ventilation and heating, fire fighting and access restrictions.
  • For the operation and repair of technological equipment, fittings and pipelines, it is envisaged to have the appropriate handling equipment in the block box.
  • Composite equipment is determined from the technical requirements for the design and climatic conditions of the operation area