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Water heating plant VGU – 200 designed for heating process water at least + 900C, with an hourly gas consumption of 80-90 m3/hr.

Technical details:

  • Name of the indicator-Norm;
  • Rated heat output 0,63-1,26 MWth;
  • Volume of working capacity (housing) 200 m3
  • Hourly water consumption, m3/hr -24 (80…90 when the heating temperature decreases), Extra water pressure in the housing, MPaG (Kgf/cm2G)-0,04(0,4);
  • Type of fuel- casing head and natural gas with heat of combustion 35-60 MJ/M3,
  • Maximum water temperature at the outlet of the unit, 95АС;
  • Minimum water temperature before heating, 16АС;
  • Minimum exit gas temperature 220АС;
  • Combustion space – 15,9 m3;
  • Nominal vacuum at the end of the furnace is not less than- 300PA (30kgs/m);
  • The weight of the unit – 44,2 tons.;
  • Weight of metal parts of the installation is not more than-45 tons:
  • overall dimensions, m:
    • length-28;
    • width-3,5;
    • height 3,7;
    • height without chimney-4,5;
    • run length, h,-13;
    • efficiency (KPD), %,-74