«West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company» JSC - Services - Service maintenance and overhaul of gas compressor unit and gas turbine unit

In 2011, the “General Electric” service center was founded at the production facilities of “West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company” JSC, which was granted the right to service maintenance and repair of gas turbines in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of repairs without delivery turbines outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Technologies have been mastered and gas turbine unit repair is certified in a number of models produced by “General Electric”, personnel have been trained at the enterprises in Italy and the USA.

In framework of project implementation to create WKMK JSC “General Electric” service center, over 260 units of devices of various levels of complexity and purpose were designed and manufactured, the following equipment was purchased:

  • Camera for penetrant control;
  • turning-and-boring lathe (computerized numerical control, processing of parts with a diameter of up to 4 m.);
  • Coordinate measuring machine (measuring and analyzing complex surfaces, as well as checking geometry in terms of technical control. Dimensions of the working area: 1500 x2000 x 1000 (mm). Maximum object weight: 3000 kg. Accuracy: 0.1 μR. Deviation E = 2.5 + 3L / 1000 mcr.);
  • Large lathe RT-958;
  • Balancing equipment SCHENCK HM50U. SCHENCK HM6U. Rotor weight at symmetrical load G with damper bearing - from 8000 to 12500 kg.);
  • flow forming lathe to repair DR-59L gas turbine engine (manufactured by “Zorya” – “Mashproekt”, Ukraine);
  • equipment package for applying gas thermal spray coating (Sulzer Metco)
    • Atmospheric plasma spraying.
    • High-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF).
    • Corrosion-resistant coatings.
    • Wear resistant coatings.
    • Heat resistant coatings.
    • Coatings resistant to aggressive environments;
  • Vacuum Oven (TAV)
    • High temperature vacuum treatment.
    • Vacuum brazing.
    • Vacuum sintering.
    • Nitrogenization
    • Loading within 5000 kg.
    • Temperature up to 12000С.
    • maximum pressure threshold   10-7 - 10-5 mbar.);
  • Manual sandblasting chamber;
  • Stand for measuring beating on the rotor journal;
  • Ice generator- Ice blasting device Aero-40;
  • Liquid high-speed test stand (Measurement of the flow rate of water passing through the hole under certain pressure. Calibration of holes (nozzles). Visual control of spray quality and torch opening angle. Measurement accuracy (± 0.5%).

The licensed technology obtained by “WKMK” JSC allows repairing equipment not only   GE production but also other companies - world leaders in gas turbine engineering (Man Turbo (Germany), Solar Turbines (USA), Siemens (Germany), etc.). When launching the gas turbine repair shop, more than 100 workplaces were created.

The range of services for the maintenance of gas turbine plants includes the repair of:

  • blades;
  • combustion chambers;
  • body;
  • fuel injectors;
  • Hot Gas Path units;
  • input distributor;
  • stator, shafts, turbine disks;
  • rotor assembly.

To date, our experience in repair work on the GPU is:

  • GTK 10-4, manufactured by “Nevsky Zavod” CJSC (St. Petersburg, Russia) installed at the “Dzhangala” Compressor Station, station No.2 of the Central Asia-Center gas pipeline (CAC-4), located in the Dzhangalinsky district of the West Kazakhstan region ;
  • GT-750-6, manufactured by “Ekol” (Brno, Czech Republic), installed at the Dzhangala compressor station, station No. 2, the Central Asia Center gas pipeline (CAC-4), located in the Dzhangalinsky district of the West Kazakhstan region;
  • GTU-10-01, manufactured by GP NPKG “Zorya – Mashproekt” (Nikolaev, Ukraine), complete with DR-59L engine of block design installed at the Akkol compressor station of the “Makat-North Caucasus” gas pipeline, located in Atyrau region;
  • GTC 10-I GE, complete with Frame 3 MS 3002 drive installed at the “Uralsk” compressor station located in   Zelenovsky district of the West Kazakhstan region.
  • Frame 5002, manufactured by “General Electric”, installed at the Karachaganak Petroleum Operating compressor station.